Chapter 4: Come Out of Your Hidey-Hole

Part 1

A few years ago I was introduced to a YouTube entertainer named Paul Soares, Jr. Paul is best known for creating YouTube videos that center on a game called Minecraft.  At first, there were no real tutorials showing players “How to Survive & Thrive”.

What did Paul do? He created a video series called “Survive and Thrive”. Today, Paul creates videos featuring a variety of other games. Nevertheless, he is still remembered for his Minecraft content.

Paul was really taking a risk with his first video. He had no idea that his first video would be so popular.  What is Minecraft? It is a sandbox style, building games that have things coming out in the midst of the night. Guess what the first thing you’re supposed to do? In Paul’s first video, he dubbed his first shelter, a hidey hole.

What if Paul never came out of that hidey hole? A boring series is not the only problem. In the course of his career, Paul went on to touch many lives and I’m not talking about video games.

It all started when he decided to take a risk and come outside. Is it not time for you to come out of your own hidey-hole?

When I first wrote the following story, it was called “Escaping the Bubble”. For me, it seemed a good title as I could not think of a better one. In time I would hear of Paul Soares and his hidey-hole. “Come out of Your Hidey-Hole” seems a better fit.  I will let you decide.

There is one difference between my hidey-hole and Paul’s. His hole existed in a game. It was meant to shelter him from the bad guys that came out in the night. My hole was meant to be a place of hiding from the outside world. Why was I hiding?

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Dealing With Cyber Bullies the past few days, I’ve listened to stories of cyber bullying. One friend tells of a young girl, with Autism.  One day, she is asked “Would you like to go to the prom, with me?”

She accepted the date and they had a wonderful time; however, a tragedy occurred.  At one point,they are surrounded by a pack of wolves.

They thought it acceptable to harass and mock the young couple. To add insult, someone recorded it and posted it on the Internet.  It saddens my heart to hear such a story.

With the sadness, I felt a rising sense of anger.  It should not be this way! I could give out names; however, I am not going to go down such a dark path. How do I know?  I am no stranger to bullying.

The sad reality is, bullying has been going on, for centuries. Truly, there is nothing new under the sun; this includes cyber bullying.  What can be done? There is another way. Continue reading “Dealing With Cyber Bullies”

A Lesser Human? Really?

Chapter 1 – A Lesser Human

You may be asking, “Where did I get the idea for such a strange title for my book and the opening chapter?” The idea originally came from a pair of likeable comedians whose job is to create entertaining YouTube videos for young and old.

Their style of comedy is a mixture of Three Stooges meets Mafia. Video games serve as a backdrop for many of their antics. Though they may talk tough, the guys manage to do a good job of keeping it clean. I’d give their names; however, I am not certain if they want to be mentioned.

In one video, the two men were playing a game map called Diversity. The map provides a variety of challenging obstacles and puzzles for the player. For these guys, this map provided some great opportunities to entertain their audience.

For these men, it is not enough to merely play a game and post it on YouTube. They have to keep the audience’s interest and it’s done through comedy. It’s a recipe that serves them quite well.

At one point, the guys have just finished a challenging round of trivia questions related to Minecraft.  At the end, the guys were cracking a variety of harmless jokes. When I heard one comedian say, “People who wear glasses are less human,” it struck a chord of emotional pain.

Though I did laugh at the harmless joke, old memories were stirring within me. I was experiencing waves of emotional pains and tears. I asked my Father, “What the heck is going on? It can’t be these guys.” It soon became clear; a story needed telling and a heart needed healing. Here’s my story. Continue reading “A Lesser Human? Really?”

Just Want To Be Needed!

Did you ever have a yard project which you needed help? Has someone ever suggested you get help from a person, who’s nearsighted? For some, it can be an intimidating thought. Yet, it would mean a great deal for that nearsighted individual.

How so? Continue reading “Just Want To Be Needed!”

Overcoming Depression

Last week, I was reading a post on Paul Soares Jr.’s website. The writer was thanking Paul for saving his life. The young man was suffering from depression. Would you have thought that an entertaining storyteller could help someone? How about a YouTube video centering on a game, with same storyteller? Here is the young man’s story, if interested.

While reading his story and the helpful comments, I felt a need to share my story of overcoming depression. I would love to say, “A magic wand was waved over me and presto!” Alas, this is not the case. Nevertheless, God, the Father was faithful in seeing me through it. Continue reading “Overcoming Depression”