The Tongue on Facebook, Twitter and Social Media

If you have not been living under a rock, then you are already aware of the insanity that has laid waste to social media. Am I talking about the U.S. Election and its aftereffect? Not quite, it’s the angry and divisive tone of many conversations on Facebook and Twitter.  People are getting offended because someone does not agree with them.

What has been the tragic results? It has resulted in a lot of hurt feelings and shock. How dare that person have an opinion different than me!  Sounds familiar? This is not a beat up; rather, I’d like to offer an alternative.

Image result for James 1:19-20Would you like to hear it? I’ll do more than throw a blanket verse of Scripture. The Word of God is not a book of incantation to cause your trouble, to disappear. Rather, it’s a book full of timeless wisdom that readily be used in today’s society. I believe that you’ll find this particular pearl to be quite useful in your daily life and on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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Published My First Book!!

bookcoverFor the record, Inspiration Point is far from dead. If you read my last blog post, then you already know what happened. For some time, I attempted to write a book, maintain my blog and care for my mother. It’s not an easy juggling act.

Last December, I decided to focus on the book and finish writing it. Two months later, I finished “A Lesser Human: An Anthology of Overcoming” and it saw publication in February 2016. 🙂 Continue reading “Published My First Book!!”

Pillowcases of Love

On Sunday, I read a wonderful article by Taffy Spaloss. As it appears in my church bulletin, it seems a worthy story for my blog site. I love seeing these type of activities and promoting it. 🙂 I would encourage you to read Taffy’s story and see if you’d like to participate.

Taffy has her own blog called “Kisses From The Father and it’s worth visiting.  Aside from her regular job, she does handmade quilt, for a living. So, you can bet on some nice work. Please  continue reading “Pillowcases of Love”. Continue reading “Pillowcases of Love”

Be A Source of Light

Did you know that Spike Lee was asked to create a story for a video game? What am I talking about? It’s called NBA 2K16 Livin’ Da Dream. How did I find out? I came across it, on a YouTube channel that I regularly follow. I typically don’t watch regular basketball or play a video game about it.

However, the idea of Spike Lee writing a story for this popular game caught my interest. On October 4, I watched the last part of the built in movie and it is a heart wrencher. I’ve seen a Spike Lee movie or two and I’m not surprised at his handling of the issues. Continue reading “Be A Source of Light”

Don’t Forget the OIIL: Language

As I consider this last part of my “Don’t Forget the OIIL” series, a mental recording clicks in my brain. The voice is that of certain YouTuber that I know.

“Watch your mouth, boy!” warns the young man, to his audience of teens and early twenty something. It is often connected with something that can go in an unwanted direction.  At the same time, it’s done with a touch of humor.

As I consider the recording, I toyed with the idea of changing the title to “Don’t Forget the OIIL: Watch Your Mouth!” James 3:11 and an old fountain came to mind. Should a fountain send forth, both sweet and bitter water?

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