Divine Appointments

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Have you ever had an unexpected meeting with someone and it seems prearranged?  For some people, it’s just a coincidence.  For others, it could easily be a divine appointment. Continue reading “Divine Appointments”

Though I May Plan; God Is Able To Guide My Steps

Image result for proverbs 16:9A week ago, I had purpose to write devotionals for my blog site.  I thought it would give some value to this blog site. Sounds good. Have you ever written one? This devotional will be my first.  Before, I would pick a topic and let the topic determine what Scripture to use.  A devotional is the exact opposite; plus they typically offer a short prayer at the end.

This morning, I ask the Holy Spirit, “What Scripture should I use?”  When Proverbs 16:9 came to mind, I thought it to be poetic timing:

The mind of man plans his way,
But the Lord directs his steps.

For me, this familiar proverbs brought a sense of peace. Yes, it is good to plan out my writings; at the same time, I have to trust my Father to guide my steps.  Does this mean that I won’t make mistakes? You can bet on it!  This blog site is riddled with articles that I thought to be good idea and it seemingly went nowhere.

At the same time, I’ve written blog posts that had surprising results.  For me, it was surprising; however, it is no surprise to Jesus.  I am thankful that God, the Father is patient and the Holy Spirit continues to help guide me, in the way to go.

What about wrong turns and going a mile in the wrong direction? Don’t worry.  God is able to help in correcting your steps.  I would encourage you to sit down and seek God’s counsel.  Talk with Jesus about your plans and give it to Him.

Don’t panic, if you went the wrong way. Remember, God is love and the Father cares about you.  The Father is more than happy to help you; if you ask God.  That is the very definition of repentance. Talk with God, the Father. Be open to any corrections that the Holy Spirit may give.

Thank you for guiding my steps, Father.  Thank you for showing me, the path and helping me, to stay on course.  Jesus, I could never walk on this road, without you. I am glad that you are always with me. Holy Spirit, please help me in hearing the still quiet voice of my Father.  Thank you for being a true friend and companion.

What Is S.Y.M.O.T.A

Image result for set your minds on things that are aboveLast week, I decided to take this blog in a new direction.  For one, I created a new menu item called “S.Y.M.O.T.A”.  In Colossians 3:2, Paul instruct believers to “Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on Earth. What does this mean? How does this relate to my blog site and current events?

If you’re a regular visitor then you may ask, “When did you ever cover current event or issues on the Church?”  I will answer that question in the next paragraph.  If you are a newcomer then I would suggest that you keep reading and wait for it.  I need to give a little background before explaining anything.

Continue reading “What Is S.Y.M.O.T.A”

Get a DIRECT copy of my book!

bookcoverFor the past few months, my book has been available on Amazon.  For some reasons, the book does not fair well on Amazon.  However, it seems to do fairly well when it’s sold through a book signing or left at my brother’s restaurant.

I would like to try something, a little different.  Have you heard of a company called Square?  They  provide low cost credit card processing and business solution for people like me. You can find out more by going to http://www.squareup.com

What does this means to you?  If you would like to order an unsigned copy of my book then you have two options.  You can go to Amazon and order my book, online.  On Amazon, you can buy a printed copy for $7.00 or an e-book for $3.99.

Here’s the links for the two versions:


There is a second option!  How would you like to order a book, directly from me?  I won’t be able to send you a signed copy, though.  You can reach me, at my  email address:  barry.brindisi@gmail.com  Put in the subject line that it’s a book order!  In the body, I will need to have two things.  Where am I shipping the book to?  How many copies?  My books are printed by CreateSpace and I have to consider shipping costs.  So, I am limited to the United States and Canada.

IMPORTANT:  If you  are ordering 1 to 4 copies then I will need to add a $2.50 Shipping & Handling fee. I will waive the fee for an order of 5 or more books.  The book will still be $7.00 per copy.



Slaying Your Dragons of Negativity

Would you like to read a book about slaying your “Dragons of Negativity”?  What am I talking about?  Am I planning to write a medieval fantasy novel? How about a book on overcoming negativity? Continue reading “Slaying Your Dragons of Negativity”