Would You Read A Book on a Blog?

Would you read a book on a blog?  How about a book on this blog site?
I am now revamping Inspiration Point to do just that.  Once done, I can share what I’m going to write for the 2nd book.

There is more to this story! Continue reading “Would You Read A Book on a Blog?”

New Visitors: Please Take Survey!!

There is one thing that I’ve learned from some friends; it helps to ask an important question. How am I doing? Such a question can help a blog site to grow and improve.  If I want my site to grow and thrive, then I better get a clue about what my visitors think.

Some time ago, I moved my site back to WordPress.com. It was done for financial reason. Since December 2014, I have been monitoring the site traffic of Inspiration Point with the help of Statscounter.com. One of my biggest concerns has been the length of stay by first time visitors.

Because I have a vision impairment, my reading speed is slower than a person with good eyesight. For me, it is difficult to assess what’s a normal reading speed looks like.

As of late, I have been writing longer blog posts than my normal 800 words. Before this, I thought the 5 to 10 second visits was normal. With the new longer blog stories, I am still seeing the same length of stay. Clearly there is a problem. It’s time to take a survey! Continue reading “New Visitors: Please Take Survey!!”

Inspiration Point Survey Please Take Poll

How would you like to take a poll? What kind of poll? I’m conducting a survey on what you like about Inspiration Point? Though I’m sure the site could use some improvement, it would help gather some feedback from you. Continue reading “Inspiration Point Survey Please Take Poll”

What Is The Right Theme For Inspiration Point?

Do you know that WordPress keeps a record of Inspiration Point’s most popular blog posts? Yesterday, I took a peek, to see what my readers are looking at. Guess what topic raked in the most views? Is it religion? Is it politics? Is it MindCrack? Could it be overcoming depression and other adversities? Continue reading “What Is The Right Theme For Inspiration Point?”

What’s Going On?

First, I would like to offer an apology for the lack of new stories, for the past few months. I’ve been swamped with some important family business. My mom had a brain aneurysm, back in April. This lead to a stroke that seriously affected her left leg and arm and had an impact on her memory. Continue reading “What’s Going On?”