His Truth Sets Us, Free!

Do you like surprises? I can certainly enjoy them and I’ve gotten some nice ones. I’m also a believer in inspiration coming from anywhere. What am I talking about?

On July 20th, I came for what I thought would be a typical Sunday morning service at Shore Vineyard. There is just one problem. It was not a typical Sunday, even for us. For starter, the announcement was done in English and Chinese. It continued all throughout the day.

“What’s going on,” you ask? I will let my friend and pastor explain this unusual scenario in “His Truth Will Set You, Free!“. The link will take you to my church’s media page. Just click on the audio file with the same name.

Why am I sharing this? Brett did not give a sermon or a typical Sunday message. Rather, he shared his personal story or testimony. While listening, I felt the story needed sharing and warranted a blog post.

The story is told in both Chinese and English. As such, Brett’s story proved to be entertaining and insightful. I’d invite you to go and listen to the audio and I trust you’ll be blessed by it.

Pink Sweater And Pink Slippers

Did anyone ever claim you were somewhere and it’s simply not so? How about this strange scenario? A mother claiming her son was wearing a pink sweater and a pair of pink slippers. Where did this happen? Somehow, I was living in a nursing home and I never knew it.

What’s going on? What am I talking about? Continue reading “Pink Sweater And Pink Slippers”

A Lesser Human? Really?

Chapter 1 – A Lesser Human

You may be asking, “Where did I get the idea for such a strange title for my book and the opening chapter?” The idea originally came from a pair of likeable comedians whose job is to create entertaining YouTube videos for young and old.

Their style of comedy is a mixture of Three Stooges meets Mafia. Video games serve as a backdrop for many of their antics. Though they may talk tough, the guys manage to do a good job of keeping it clean. I’d give their names; however, I am not certain if they want to be mentioned.

In one video, the two men were playing a game map called Diversity. The map provides a variety of challenging obstacles and puzzles for the player. For these guys, this map provided some great opportunities to entertain their audience.

For these men, it is not enough to merely play a game and post it on YouTube. They have to keep the audience’s interest and it’s done through comedy. It’s a recipe that serves them quite well.

At one point, the guys have just finished a challenging round of trivia questions related to Minecraft.  At the end, the guys were cracking a variety of harmless jokes. When I heard one comedian say, “People who wear glasses are less human,” it struck a chord of emotional pain.

Though I did laugh at the harmless joke, old memories were stirring within me. I was experiencing waves of emotional pains and tears. I asked my Father, “What the heck is going on? It can’t be these guys.” It soon became clear; a story needed telling and a heart needed healing. Here’s my story. Continue reading “A Lesser Human? Really?”

A Summer of Hell

Chapter 2 – A Summer of Hell

In the previous chapter, I alluded to a story written a few years ago. A Summer of Hell centers on a tragic event in the summer of 1983. When I originally wrote the story for my blog, I struggled with finding an apt title.  A Summer of Hell is the only title that I could come up with. What happened?

It was a summer where I experienced very horrendous abuse and the pain and its effects would last for years. I give you fair warning. The following story is emotionally rough and it’s quite real. Why am I including it? It’s a story about forgiveness and healing. Here’s what happened in the summer of ’83. Continue reading “A Summer of Hell”

Escaping the Religious Bubble – Oh what’s a fellowship

“Has anyone been in a perfect church?” asked a friend, in a small Bible study group.  I simply chuckled; however, someone did raise his hand.  “I did,” Bob said facetiously. I knew where he was coming from because I have been to one too.

The people, of the Bishop’s church, were friendly.  Though, I could get into small talks, the conversations rarely ever went deep.  I don’t recall the sharing of personal struggles and the offering of prayers.  I was left with the impression of “Everyone else seems to have it, together.  What is wrong with me?”  Truth is, it was a façade. Continue reading “Escaping the Religious Bubble – Oh what’s a fellowship”