Google Translator Has Arrived!

Hola. ¿Le gustaría leer este mensaje en otro idioma?
Puede ser frustrante visitar un sitio de blog y no ser capaz de leer el contenido. 
Por esta razón, estoy agregando el Traductor de Google a la barra lateral. Está en 
el pie, si estás leyendo esto en un teléfono.

Do you really think I'm going to alienate my English audience? 😉  The above is simply an 
announcement of the new Google Translator found on the sidebar. If you're using a phone
tthen it's on the bottom.  Enjoy.

Believe Not Every Fake News (1 John 4:1)

tabloidA few days ago, a friend shared this photo on Facebook.  The photo originally came from Counter Current News’ fan page on Facebook.  I suggest that you read the meme. I am sure that you can guess the question that Counter Current News asked their fans. Whatever happened to critical thinking?

The meme serves as a good commentary on the flood of fake news that appears all over Facebook.  I’ve also run into these deceiving spirits on YouTube.  No, I did not goof on the last sentence.  Ever heard of 1 John 4:1?  What am I talking about?

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Saul’s Armor in the World of Social Media

writingtipsAre you struggling for air in the race for new visitors to your blog site? I could ask the same question of website owners.  I’ve some friends in the YouTube community, who know exactly the feeling that I’m alluding to.  The race for new viewers is truly a rat race.

I, for one, do know the feeling of frustration.  Right now, I am struggling to get back into the job of creating content for my blog site and promoting the content.  At this point, you may be asking, “What does this has to do with the title?”  Oh, there is a connection and here’s the first part of the riddle. Continue reading “Saul’s Armor in the World of Social Media”

The Tongue on Facebook, Twitter and Social Media

If you have not been living under a rock, then you are already aware of the insanity that has laid waste to social media. Am I talking about the U.S. Election and its aftereffect? Not quite, it’s the angry and divisive tone of many conversations on Facebook and Twitter.  People are getting offended because someone does not agree with them.

What has been the tragic results? It has resulted in a lot of hurt feelings and shock. How dare that person have an opinion different than me!  Sounds familiar? This is not a beat up; rather, I’d like to offer an alternative.

Image result for James 1:19-20Would you like to hear it? I’ll do more than throw a blanket verse of Scripture. The Word of God is not a book of incantation to cause your trouble, to disappear. Rather, it’s a book full of timeless wisdom that readily be used in today’s society. I believe that you’ll find this particular pearl to be quite useful in your daily life and on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

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The Mountain Path

A couple of months ago, I came across the following passage in Galatians 6:1-3. As I considered it, I asked Jesus, “How do I do this in the right way?” I have rarely seen the finger-pointing method work. What did Jesus say? The answer starts with a journey on a mountain path.
I would give you the Bible verses that prompted the question and lead to the answer in Galatians.; however, I do recall it. Here is how Jesus answered my question.
In my mind, I saw a group of travelers walking up a mountain path and it was nearly dark. I could see that the guide had a powerful flashlight and it lit up the path in front of the travelers.

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