The Wayward Cart

Recently, I began volunteering at Community Reformed Church of Whiting, NJ. They  run a food pantry, a clothe closet and a hot meal, during the week. It appears that they mainly serve my area. It’s a pleasure to help this church in meeting the needs of those struggling in Whiting.

I have heard how God can use a donkey, to teach someone a lesson. How about a wayward cart?

When someone comes in for food, I will take the groceries to the car.  Because we typically give out 3 bags, per household; I must make use of an old cart. When I first learned to use it; the cart felt awkward to use.

If the cart is pushed too hard, it will not go in the desired direction. I quickly learned that I needed to slow down and push gently. I did not need to strive. When I changed my approach, the cart became quite responsive. Is a certain someone trying to tell me, something?

When I began writing this post, my immediate thought is, “What is the Spirit saying about my writing?” It’s later that I came to see it was not just about my blog writing. It’s about how I choose to serve God, the Father. I am using blog writing to illustrate.

In blog writing, it’s important to produce fresh writing materials on a regular basis. The more frequent, the greater your chance for site traffic. This is only one aspect. At the same time, I am not to sacrifice quality of writing for quantity of writing. Oh the joy of balancing the two.

I won’t pretend to be very knowledgeable about writing blog posts; rather I’ll direct you to One Cool Blogging Site, the site is maintained by Timethief. She is a very talented writer; who has provided some very useful tips on blog writing.

As I consider what the Spirit is saying, my first thought is “Slow down.” There is nothing wrong with that old cart; it is sturdy and works fine. The problem came when I rush. In doing so, the cart goes anywhere but the desired direction. The same could apply to writing or helping others.

A key for good writing is observation. What’s happening around me? Who’s doing what? What is already being done? What’s God saying, if anything? The answers to these questions does not come by rushing forward; rather it comes when one slows down.

Not long ago, I wrote a blog post called “Pat Robertson. Here We Go, Again!” It was my response to an emotionally charged issue. Pat gave a very strange response to a woman asking for advice about dating men. In my zeal to respond, I neglected to say anything about the guy’s point of view. There is a valid reason; however I didn’t see it. Why? I didn’t slow down.

What other areas could this apply to?

When I gently pushed the cart, it went at the same speed when walking fast. There was no need to rush. The same could be said of my blog writing.  The key is, I needed to quit striving and comparing myself to others. I am still learning to relax and let the Spirit guide me, in the writing process.

Am I implying that I’m not to make an effort to write? I have been down that road! There was a time when I’d ask, “Father. What would you like me, to write? I’m waiting for that download.” I would literally sit in my chair and wait and wait….and wait. Nothing happened.

A friend once said, “You’re not a robot. You still need to make an effort.” John is quite right. My Father was simply waiting for me, to do something. I needed to take that first step. God is faithful to help me, with writing. All I needed to do is, “Ask”. Does anyone see the irony in this?

As I said earlier, the Holy Spirit is an amazing teacher. Would you have expected this, from a cart used to deliver groceries?


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