Your Voice Matters!

Would they accept me, at the Justice House of Prayer?  A couple of years ago, I was considered joining J-HOP, in Washington D.C.  I thought it, a great way to combine two passions of mine: politics and prayer.

Yet, I was little apprehensive about joining this wonderful group.  Why the anxiety? I consider myself to be “center-left” in some of my politics.  Yes, I am a moderate liberal Christian, who firmly believes in the Word of God.  I am not a fan of conservative politics.

I was both excited and hesitant; so I went to the Father and talked about my personal fears of praying with these people.  As Lou Engle is known for being strongly pro-life; I started there. “How would this work?”, I asked.

I would prefer that we change the culture and the adoption laws, more so than deal with the U.S. Supreme Court.  As I pictured myself praying with fellow Christians at J-HOP, I felt God saying, “Your voice matters here.”  This got my attention.

When praying, each person has something to contribute.  If Jesus is LORD then your voice matters to God. It does not matter, if the Christian is a Republican or a Democrat, a conservative or a liberal, have a big booming voice or a soft quiet voice.

As I consider this, the Spirit showed what appears to be a tapestry of prayers.  As I gazed upon the tapestry, one could see how each person’s individual prayer matters.  As more people contributed their individual voices, the more complete the picture becomes. There is not a single voice that does not matter to God, the Father.

All of our voices matter!

I was impressed by what God is saying with the prayer tapestry.  It also served as a confirmation and reminder of what I told a friend, at an earlier time.

Years ago, there woman who has a fiery passion for prayer.  I can still recall seeing this woman joining the fray, on Thursday night.  We seldom prayed about national politics; rather we prayed about what is happening in Ocean County.  I don’t recall a day that she was not there.

There is just one thing.  She has a very quiet voice and I would have a time hearing her. It does not help to have a hearing impairment.  It was quite frustrating for me; as I didn’t always hear her.  Yet, I would want her by my side, any time! In God’s eyes, she likely had a powerful booming voice that had the enemies trembling.

It is not the volume of our voices or eloquence of speech that’s important to God.  It is the position of our hearts toward Him.  You have something to contribute when it comes to prayer. Do not be afraid to join in.  It does not matter what other people think or say. Your voice matters to God!

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