Waiting For Godot

Have you ever watched a theatre play, that is remembered more than 15 years later? Such is the case with Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”. While in college, I had the pleasure of seeing it performed, live. In the future, I was going to see how God would make good use of this old play.

Here is the story. The play opens up with one person standing on the side of a road. The person is obviously waiting for someone to show up. Then the person’s friend shows up and asks “What are you doing? Why aren’t you at the destination?” “I’m waiting for Godot” responds the first person. The two friends begin to talk about their plans and what they wanted to do at the intended destination. After some discussions, the second friend says “It’s time to go.” “We can’t go! We have to wait!” replies the first friend. The first friend was insisting on waiting for Godot. The second friend eventually left to go do what the person had planned to do.

In the end, Godot never did show up. For me, the two friends typify two types of Christians. As it relates to ministries or service, the first friend is like those who would sit and wait. What are they waiting for? They are waiting for God to show up and tell them what to do. Never do they think that God is waiting for them to go do things. In John 5:17-19, Jesus says that Father is always at work and so is He. I honestly felt God was saying, “Be not afraid to step out and do things. Take a risk.

“I will be there to help you and remember “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you (See Hebrew 13:5).”

The second friend was certainly one who did not like waiting. This person had plans for what would be done. “I have to do something! I’m too busy to sit and wait.” Generally speaking, such a person wants to do things in their own strength; as opposed to waiting on God. I still find it a challenge to be still and do things in God’s strength. In this case, waiting is not “doing anything”, rather it is quietly letting God do things through me and rely on His strength and not mine.

Too bad there was not a person to represent a third alternative in the play. I believe that it would be one who is both diligence and knows how to wait. It would be someone who struck a balance between the two extremes. On the one hand, this Christian understood that there were services to be rendered and was doing them. At the same time, this person would be seeking to do things in God’s strength and knew to wait on God’s timing, not his own.

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