Desires of My Heart

Does God always answer the desires of our heart when we pray and ask Him?  This depends on what is going on in our lives, the reason behind the request and simple timing.  According to the Bible, God is shown as being quite generous. Jesus has said that the Father knows how to give good things to his children. (See Matt 7:7-11).

Years ago, I had once asked God for a computer.  Being visually impaired, a computer would have greatly helped with living independently and interact with the world, around me.  One might have thought that this would be a good prayer and one that God would surely answer. This was not the case. Was I hurt or bitter? I was a little hurt, but not bitter. However, it did lead me to discovering about God’s timing and how He answers prayers.

For one thing, God doesn’t answer when evil is involved. I did an inventory of myself and asked God, “What evil is there?”  The desire was sincere and there was no intention to commit evil with the desired unit.  Neither was I living in a way that is contrary to God.  This doesn’t mean that there weren’t things that needed to be dealt with.  If anything, God has used my eventual computer to help deal with them.

There is another reason that God doesn’t always give us, the desires of our heart.  Does a parent give a child, a car when the child is 12?  The answer is obviously “no”.  Most parents would rather give such a young child, a gift that they can handle. This same principle applies to the Father. God is not going to give you something that you are not ready for.   While I did have some good goals for the computer and God was planning to use it, to help me; however, He wanted to make sure I was ready for it.

Some time when a prayer goes unanswered, it may well be that God is seeking to grow us, in certain areas of our life.  At the time of my request, I was quite immature in my faith and walk with Him.  I needed to learn some fundamentals about prayer and other aspects of my new faith. God used this time to teach me to trust Him, to seek Him in prayer, read the Scripture and to grow more in my walk with Him.  It is a matter of timing. God was going to answer my prayer in His timing and not my timing.

By the way, God did finally answer my prayer and blessed me with a great PC. It has been a real blessing and no sorrow was added to it.  This brings up the final point. When God answers the desire of a person’s heart, you can bet that He will not add sorrow to it.  The only time that He would do so, is to bring about repentance. Other than this, God knows how to give “good” gifts to His children and doesn’t add sorrow to them.

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