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A Lesser Human? Really?

Yesterday, I was enjoying a goofy YouTube video that is produced by two friends. The friends are known by their gaming name of BDoubleO and GenerikB. These men don’t just play a game; they put on a show. Their goal is to entertain kids and the young at heart; who simply want relatively clean entertainment.

Their acting style are a combination of Three Stooges meet Mafia. I will have to give GenerikB credits for that description. It fits. The links above goes to their YouTube channels.  Don’t be fooled by the acting, these men are actually kind-hearted and keep things clean.

I don’t think they’d intentionally hurt anyone. As I watched their latest antics, BDoubleO made a harmless joke. It was about people who have to wear glasses. “Am I really less human because I wear glasses?”, I thought. Continue reading

Just Want To Be Needed!

Did you ever have a yard project which you needed help? Has someone ever suggested you get help from a person, who’s nearsighted? For some, it can be an intimidating thought. Yet, it would mean a great deal for that nearsighted individual.

How so? Continue reading

Overcoming Depression

Last week, I was reading a post on Paul Soares Jr.’s website. The writer was thanking Paul for saving his life. The young man was suffering from depression. Would you have thought that an entertaining storyteller could help someone? How about a YouTube video centering on a game, with same storyteller? Here is the young man’s story, if interested.

While reading his story and the helpful comments, I felt a need to share my story of overcoming depression. I would love to say, “A magic wand was waved over me and presto!” Alas, this is not the case. Nevertheless, God, the Father was faithful in seeing me through it. Continue reading