When We Practice To Assume

The other day, I received an email from a friend. He’s really isn’t an actual friend; rather, the man is a YouTube entertainer. For several months, I’ve sent emails and tweets to this guy. I had assumed the friend was okay with it. Suddenly, I get the following:

Please don’t contact me or my family! Though you have good intentions; you have the execution of a bull in a china shop!”  I’m paraphrasing the actual comment. My friend was a lot more gracious than I am being. What did I do wrong?
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The Guide Dog

Years ago, I took some classes at Glendale Community College in Glendale, AZ. Glendale is a suburb of Phoenix and I was living in the downtown area of that city. While I was going to Glendale, I met a young blind woman and her guide dog. As Marlo was into disability advocacy, it was not hard to strike up a conversation.

Our conversations varied from advocacy, social issue, Star Trek and politics. I don’t think we got into religion. Why am I talking about Marlo? I just finished reading the March 26th segment of Our Daily Bread. The story is called “The Link To Life” and it’s written by Jennifer Schuldt. Guess what she wrote about? Continue reading

What Are You Eating?

BTeamDid you ever have a strange dream in the middle of the night? There are many people, who’ve watched a horror flick and they found themselves in the midst of a nightmare. How about a dream centering on a pastry shop?

Don’t worry, the pastry shop did not come from a horror movie. It came from a YouTube video featuring a pair of comedians. You may have heard their names: GenerikB and BDoubleO.

What happened? Let’s just say, “Be careful of what you eat!” By the way, the picture is from Awesome Beaudu. Click on the name or photo to visit the site. Continue reading