Are You Afraid of Negativity?

How do you react when someone says something, negative about what you are doing? Each person has a gift in certain areas of their lives. For me, I have a gift for writing; however, my singing is a different story.  What about you?

Does it bother me, if someone says something about my singing skill? No, it does not bother me; as I already know the truth. It’s why I sing for fun and not try singing on American Idol. Though I’d appreciate Simon’s commentary; it is not necessary.

Did you know there is a difference between a negative comment that helps a person; as opposed to a negative comment that only destroys. An open rebuke is not the same thing as a destructive comment.

What if, I say that I’d prefer an open rebuke over a loving comment that is never spoken. Confused? What am I talking about? Shall we begin with an illustration? Continue reading “Are You Afraid of Negativity?”

How Shall We Share The Good News of Jesus?

Some time ago, a friend suggested I write about witnessing for Christ. For many Christians, evangelism is a very important topic and I have written a couple of articles on it. You can find it in the new menu system, under Insights.

For me, the topic of evangelism is a challenging topic. How so? Though I share Christ through my writings; my main focus is often on the Father’s love and other topics. For me, it is easier to talk about “How Not To Share.”  

Today, I would like to offer some tips or ideas on sharing the good news of Jesus. Here is one idea. Have you ever thought to speak to the pain of suffering in the person’s life? Have you ever thought that Jesus desires to be a friend to the person and not just a Savior? Continue reading “How Shall We Share The Good News of Jesus?”

He Chose Me!

If you are a regular visitor, then you’ll notice a certain trend. For the past couple of weeks, I have posted articles from the bulletin for my church, Shore Vineyard. Because of space limitation, the article has to be short. As Taffy is a capable writer, I am not surprised by the number of articles that’s written by her.

Here is a new article written by Taffy. Enjoy! Continue reading “He Chose Me!”

Dealing With The Pain of Being Ignored

Has this situation ever happened to you? Have people ever avoided talking with you, when they should? What am I talking about?  If you have an obvious disability, then you can probably guess it.

I am talking about the tendency of some people, to avoid an uncomfortable situation or make an assumption based on appearance. In some ways, I can sympathize with the two groups; as I’ve had my own encounters in these areas.

My goal is not to point fingers and humiliate people in a public arena. Such tactics may garner high site traffics; however, they do not yield any lasting fruits worth mentioning. My goal is to offer some helpful solutions for dealing with such situation.

This article should be of value to people, who are disabled and people, who do not have a disability. I will encourage you to take the time and read it. Shall we start with an illustration?
Continue reading “Dealing With The Pain of Being Ignored”