Operation Shoebox

Have you heard of something called Operation Christmas Child? It’s a wonderful program sponsored by Samaritan Purse. It’s an opportunity to send a shoebox full of gifts to a child living in poverty.

The other day, I noticed an article in my church’s bulletin. I thought it worth posting to Inspiration Point. I will let Taffy do the talking in the actual article.

As for me, I would love to encourage you to get involved in programs like these. In my local area, there is something called “Kevin’s Kids” and it does a similar thing; except no shoeboxes are involved.  You can visit the site and find out more.

How does Shore Vineyard fit in? I trust the following article will illustrate what one church can do. Perhaps, you will choose to get involved in Operation Shoebox at our church or one that is in your area. Continue reading “Operation Shoebox”

How Can I Help?

Have you ever been in a situation and asked, “How can I help?” Sometimes, the thought of volunteering can be intimidating. Does this sound familiar? Do they really want my help? Isn’t there someone more qualified? What if, I make a mistake?

I have seen these questions play out, in many of the churches that I have gone to. My current pastor and friend would probably add “I am not called to work in the nursery. Isn’t that someone else’s job?”  I would like to share a story that may help you overcome some of these fears and doubts. Continue reading “How Can I Help?”

The Dreaded “M” Word

Inspiration Point (1326461099)First, I would love to thank the many visitors to Inspiration Point. I trust that you are enjoying the new look. I really do appreciate the visitors coming from different parts of the United States and beyond.


When I created Inspiration Point, my vision is that of a magazine supplying encouraging stories of overcoming adversities. One day, I hope to post writings from other writers or appropriate videos.

Let’s get down to business, shall we? What is the dreaded “M” word? I will tell you. There’s actually two words: ministry and money. What am I talking about? Continue reading “The Dreaded “M” Word”

Jesus: Table For Thirteen!

What if Jesus came to your town? How do you suppose the scenes from “The Last Supper” would play out? Welcome to Jesus: Table For Thirteen! It is a contemporary musical drama performed at Shore Vineyard Church.

The story takes place inside a fictional Italian restaurant called “The Vine”. The restaurant is in downtown Toms River. What? I thought “The Last Supper” took place in something called The Upper Room in Jerusalem?  Continue reading “Jesus: Table For Thirteen!”

Somebody Does Cares!

A couple of years ago, my mother and I moved back into the Whiting area of Manchester Township. When I first lived in that area, it was largely empty and there were a few retirement homes. Whiting was the same as living out in the boonies.

When I left for Stockton State College in 1983, I never imagined living back here. It was too isolated an area and it was a 30 minute drive to either Toms River or Lakehurst. The road going to Lacey did not exist. Without public transportation, I would be totally stranded. Oh the joke would be on me, if I had talked with my Father on April 1, 1983! Continue reading “Somebody Does Cares!”