Calling Superman!

One day, I came across a curious conversation on Facebook. My niece was telling of an interesting encounter. What happened? My niece was on a train and there was a man preaching God.  Sounds harmless, right?

There is just one thing. The man is wearing a Superman costume and preaching God. It seems the man thought he was Superman.

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It’s Your Move!

The other day, a friend told of a curious dream. My friend is playing checkers and his opponent is not a chimpanzee. Who was he playing? The opponent is God, the Father.  My friend was sitting there and waited.  After some time passed, my friend asked, “Are you going to move?”

“It’s your move,” came the reply. Continue reading

Who’s Job Is It?

The other day, I was reading “FIRST-PERSON: Is it true Jesus never addressed same-sex marriage?” by Daniel Akin.  It was nicely written and done in a friendly tone that is best used in debate.  It is similar to how Jesus spoke to the Pharisees when confronting them or the Sadducee.  There is a time and a place for  this tactic. When done in the right spirit, it can be effective.

However, there is just one problem.  Daniel wasn’t writing to share the good news of Jesus Christ or else it would have been done differently. When reading how Jesus spoke to those perishing because of sins, it was never in a tone of condemnation. Continue reading

Who Are My Brothers?

A few days ago, I was searching for some blogs to read and make possible comments.  As my interest leans towards politics and the Christian faith, I elected to see what other Christians were talking about.  As this is an election year, I did expect emotions to run high.

I was looking for ideas of what to write, this week. I would love to say that everyone was engaged in a civil debate. However, this is sadly not the case on the few alleged Christian sites I visited. It seems some have forgotten who their brothers and sisters are and that we’re to love one another. Continue reading

Escaping the Religious Bubble – Intro

“Compare to you, the Catholics are students of grace!”  I was very frustrated with the members of Bishop’s church.   From their expressions, they did not like what I said.  The bishop ran a full gospel Pentecostal church and it reeked of religion and not the freedom that comes from Christ Jesus. Continue reading