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Why Are Your Comments, So Appreciated?

Over the years, I have noticed that YouTubers often ask for two simple things: Please leave a “Like” on this video. Please subscribe to my channel. Why? It is not just to grow a channel.

I can definitely say the same thing for my blog, Inspiration Point. It’s also true for many bloggers, too. Site visitors will come and they will go. If not for site trackers like StatsCounter and Google Analytics, we would never know about your visits.

Why do my YouTube friends ask for “Likes”, subs and comments? How does it relate to blogging? The following statement may sound strange; however, I will explain it. Here’s a hint: It has to do with the first sentence of this paragraph.

An open rebuke is far better than a love that is never expressedHow so?  How can someone clobbering you be better than a hidden like? What does this have to do with growing a blog, like Inspiration Point or a YouTube channel? 
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To Contact Or Not To Contact

Did you ever wanted to connect with someone? It sounds easy. What if, the person forgets to give an email address or give a contact form on his blog? It would prove quite challenging. Wouldn’t you agree? Guess what? Continue reading

What Is The Right Theme For Inspiration Point?

Do you know that WordPress keeps a record of Inspiration Point’s most popular blog posts? Yesterday, I took a peek, to see what my readers are looking at. Guess what topic raked in the most views? Is it religion? Is it politics? Is it MindCrack? Could it be overcoming depression and other adversities? Continue reading

Let’s The Spring Cleaning Commence!

Are you tired of the snow? I am. :) It is time for Spring and a fresh new start. It’s time to clean up the mess that Winter can leave behind and let in some fresh air. If you are new then you’re likely asking, “What is going on?” I am serious about the Spring cleaning for my blog. Continue reading

Should I Show or Preach With My Writings?

How shall I share? Shall I write with a tongue of a lecturer and walk to the tune of “Hellfire and Brimstone”? I think not! After hearing Joules LaHayes singing that song, you will laugh and respond with Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach!”.

Truth is, my writings would not go very far. Is there an alternative to”just tell”? How about “Show” but “Don’t Preach“? Continue reading

Minecraft, Blogging and Wise Counsel

For the past few months, I have been carefully watching some very talented entertainers. I am speaking of some men that I’ve mentioned on Inspiration Point. Why am I so interested in a bunch of YouTubers? I’ll give you, a hint. It has nothing to do with Minecraft.

When I discovered Paul Soares, BDoubleO and GenerikB, it became clear that they weren’t engaged in a hobby. They produce entertaining videos, for a living. As the owner of Inspiration Point, I can appreciate the work goes into such endeavors. It’s not easy. Why did I take such a keen interest? Continue reading

It’s Been FIVE Years!

This morning, I got a nice surprise when visiting the administrative page of my blog. As you may know, I use the WordPress blogging platform to power Inspiration Point. What is the nice little surprise? It was a message from WordPress.com.

Congratulation! It’s been 5 years since you started blogging with WordPress.com!”

If you check the Archive section then you will quickly learn my blog post was in March 2009. Yes, it has been that long and I’ve about 130 blog posts. Though it doesn’t sound like much; it is worth taking notice.

When I started, Inspiration Point was done through the free hosting service of WordPress.com. I took the free route because I wasn’t certain of how long my writing attempt would last.

I appreciate the many visitors who’ve come to Inspiration Point. I am talking about those who have commented on a blog post and those who simply stopped by. Site traffic is crucial to the life of any blog; Inspiration Point is no exception. It helps to have a way to track the comings and goings of one’s visitors.

It’s why I signed up for Google Analytic. With it, I have learned of the visitors from places like Sofia, Bulgaria, the many visitors living in New Jersey and California, and scattered across the globe.

Though my average site traffic is around 250 per month; I greatly appreciate the many visitors to Inspiration Point. It is still my earnest wish to see a greater # of site visitors. If it was a matter of churning out easy blog posts then I’d have soared past the 250 per month visitor traffic.

It’s not so simple. For me, Inspiration Point has a mission. What mission? It is to showcase the love of God, the Father. It’s about providing encouragement and illustrating how Jesus help me in many areas of my life. I am not the only person; who has overcome adversities. If you look through the Archives then you’ll discover stories of other people.

I am still committed to Inspiration Point and growing it. I have had a strong desire to include other writers. It was actually my plan to turn my blog into a “Guidepost” type blog site.

Is this a call for writers? Not yet. Rather, it is a call for prayer. As I struggle to wrap up this blog post with a request for prayer; the following Scripture comes to mind:

12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. [Ephesians 6:12]

No kidding! It is really a struggle to write and it’s a satisfying one. Yet, I must give credits to my Heavenly Father. God has provided the resources, the tools and guidance; I simply put forth the efforts.  Apart from Jesus, I could do nothing!

Here’s looking to more years of writing!