How To Pray For That Royal Pain

Yes, you read the title correctly. I will let you fill in the rest of  the title. Let’s face it. Everyone knows someone, who annoy the heck out of us. As such, it is very easy to react out of anger or frustration.

This morning, I did a search for an image that would fit the article and found the cover of an album by Meech Hooks. As I listen to this hip hop artist sing “Put The Guns Down (Pray 4 My City)“, it becomes clear that Meech has the right idea.

Though I don’t live in a city that is riddled with guns and violence; it is easy to see a common denominator. It’s called uncontrolled anger and it does not always start that way. Have you ever been frustrated with someone? Did you ever feel like ramming the person’s head through a wall? I have been there. Continue reading “How To Pray For That Royal Pain”

Will You Trust Me?

The other day, I wrote a story that was mired in pain. From my perspective, it is not the best way to write something like “Will You Trust Me?” I was struggling through a perceived lack of trust, directed at me.

What happened? Continue reading “Will You Trust Me?”

My Dealing With An Online Stalker

In the age of social media, it is becoming easier and easier to reach out and touch someone. Does that phrase sound familiar? It’s a catchphrase created by the marketing geniuses of AT&T. I doubt they had Twitter, Skype and Facebook in mind, though.

Today, the phone is no longer the only way to reach out and talk with someone. Do you have Skype on your computer? I have it and Skype is a great way to see and talk with someone.  It’s a little too easy!

What happened? Did I get a stalker? How about someone looking for love in all the wrong places? I do hope you’re sniffing that bait. Would you like to know what happened? How I dealt with it.  Continue reading “My Dealing With An Online Stalker”

The Angry Letter [Revised]

About a year ago, I wrote “The Angry Letter”. The story is written in the midst of pain and hurt. I was still recovering from the shock of getting such an email. For the past few days, it’s been in my heart, to revisit and revise that old story. Did something change? Why don’t you continue reading? This story does deal with an angry letter; however, some things needed changing. Continue reading “The Angry Letter [Revised]”

The Words We Speak

The other day, I was considering a new topic for Inspiration Point. As I talked with my Heavenly Father, a specific idea came to mind. If you read the title, then you already know it. It centers on the words we speak.

How shall I share this story? This story begins with an old memory coming into the light. What is this memory? How does it relate to the title? Let’s just say that my father was never one to consider his words or their hurtfulness.  Continue reading “The Words We Speak”