Operation Shoebox

Have you heard of something called Operation Christmas Child? It’s a wonderful program sponsored by Samaritan Purse. It’s an opportunity to send a shoebox full of gifts to a child living in poverty.

The other day, I noticed an article in my church’s bulletin. I thought it worth posting to Inspiration Point. I will let Taffy do the talking in the actual article.

As for me, I would love to encourage you to get involved in programs like these. In my local area, there is something called “Kevin’s Kids” and it does a similar thing; except no shoeboxes are involved.  You can visit the site and find out more.

How does Shore Vineyard fit in? I trust the following article will illustrate what one church can do. Perhaps, you will choose to get involved in Operation Shoebox at our church or one that is in your area. Continue reading “Operation Shoebox”

Dealing With The Pain of Being Ignored

Has this situation ever happened to you? Have people ever avoided talking with you, when they should? What am I talking about?  If you have an obvious disability, then you can probably guess it.

I am talking about the tendency of some people, to avoid an uncomfortable situation or make an assumption based on appearance. In some ways, I can sympathize with the two groups; as I’ve had my own encounters in these areas.

My goal is not to point fingers and humiliate people in a public arena. Such tactics may garner high site traffics; however, they do not yield any lasting fruits worth mentioning. My goal is to offer some helpful solutions for dealing with such situation.

This article should be of value to people, who are disabled and people, who do not have a disability. I will encourage you to take the time and read it. Shall we start with an illustration?
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Pillowcases of Love

On Sunday, I read a wonderful article by Taffy Spaloss. As it appears in my church bulletin, it seems a worthy story for my blog site. I love seeing these type of activities and promoting it. :) I would encourage you to read Taffy’s story and see if you’d like to participate.

Taffy has her own blog called “Kisses From The Father and it’s worth visiting.  Aside from her regular job, she does handmade quilt, for a living. So, you can bet on some nice work. Please  continue reading “Pillowcases of Love”. Continue reading “Pillowcases of Love”

The Effervescence of Creation

Recently, I asked some friends for potential stories for my blog, Inspiration Point. My friend, Judy Goddard of Christ In Me offered the following article: The Effervescence of Creation.  It’s a short article and it will be of interest to you.

The following is a reposting of her article found on Judy’s blog site. You can read more of her materials on Christ In Me. If you enjoy this, please let me know in the comment section. You can also leave a comment, for Judy.

Better yet, I would encourage you, to visit Judy’s site and tell her. Continue reading “The Effervescence of Creation”

How To Pray For That Royal Pain

Yes, you read the title correctly. I will let you fill in the rest of  the title. Let’s face it. Everyone knows someone, who annoy the heck out of us. As such, it is very easy to react out of anger or frustration.

This morning, I did a search for an image that would fit the article and found the cover of an album by Meech Hooks. As I listen to this hip hop artist sing “Put The Guns Down (Pray 4 My City)“, it becomes clear that Meech has the right idea.

Though I don’t live in a city that is riddled with guns and violence; it is easy to see a common denominator. It’s called uncontrolled anger and it does not always start that way. Have you ever been frustrated with someone? Did you ever feel like ramming the person’s head through a wall? I have been there. Continue reading “How To Pray For That Royal Pain”