How Shall We Respond To The Mommy Blogger?

Earlier today, I was researching a recent surge of blog traffic from India. Though I am grateful for new influx of visitors. How many visitors from India? It’s similar to the United States. I am surprised and humbled by your many visits. Keep coming!

To find out more about this surge, I visited Reddit. There is a subreddit for every topic. While I was doing some research, I came across the bizarre story of the mommy blogger. The what? Continue reading


Overcoming My Father Wounds

Did you ever listen to something that stirs a strong emotional chord? On Monday, I was listening to Pastor Paul Booko of Riverside Church. The church is located in Three Rivers, Michigan. It’s Father’s Day and Paul is giving an encouraging message about being a father.

I would have politely listened and I wouldn’t have given it, much thought. Why should I? I’m not a father or spiritual father. Before I continue, here is a link to “Dad’s Fest“. It’s the message that I listened to on the Internet.

What happened? Why am I writing a story about fathers, the day after Father’s Day? The story starts when pastor Paul Booko mentions the father wound, at the beginning of his message. As I listen, a strong wave of painful emotions began rising inside me. Continue reading

Is Your Light Shining?

Is your light shining? What are people seeing when they watch you? What can they tell from your actions and words? If I am a city set on a hill, what are people seeing? Do you know that you can’t hide such a city?

This is a revised version of an earlier story. Today, I felt a need to revisit it and tweak the original story. The theme is hopefully clearer and I trust you’ll enjoy it more. Why am I writing about a certain YouTube personality? You’ll have to read and find out. Continue reading

The Typewriter

Did you ever go through something and asked, “Why am I going through this? Why do I have to take this blasted typing class?” For me, this class was fraught with frustration and difficulties. I hated it.

The four years of typing were a lesson in torture. My typing teacher didn’t help by saying, “Keep your eyes on the paper and not the typewriter!” I hated it! I was angry and frustrated with her. If the old IBM Selectric typewriter weren’t so heavy then I’d be tempted to do something stupid. Continue reading

Dealing With Negativity: What’s Your Perspective?

One day, a friend shared an interesting comment. “It’s just a hobby,” says my friend. My friend was referring Inspiration Point. “How so?”, I asked. The response was hardly pleasant or encouraging.

Sadly, I’ve had similar conversations with this person. He simply doesn’t see the value of the work done on this blog. How shall I respond to such negativity? I can’t control what someone chooses to think or believe. However, I can do something about my own responses.

I could choose from one of three options. Though there may be others; I will focus on three types of responses. Shall I play “The Victim”? Shall I take on the role of “The Reporter”? How about a “Hope Filled” view of the situation? Continue reading