The Words We Speak

The other day, I was considering a new topic for Inspiration Point. As I talked with my Heavenly Father, a specific idea came to mind. If you read the title, then you already know it. It centers on the words we speak.

How shall I share this story? This story begins with an old memory coming into the light. What is this memory? How does it relate to the title? Let’s just say that my father was never one to consider his words or their hurtfulness.  Continue reading


His Truth Sets Us, Free!

Do you like surprises? I can certainly enjoy them and I’ve gotten some nice ones. I’m also a believer in inspiration coming from anywhere. What am I talking about?

On July 20th, I came for what I thought would be a typical Sunday morning service at Shore Vineyard. There is just one problem. It was not a typical Sunday, even for us. For starter, the announcement was done in English and Chinese. It continued all throughout the day.

“What’s going on,” you ask? I will let my friend and pastor explain this unusual scenario in “His Truth Will Set You, Free!“. The link will take you to my church’s media page. Just click on the audio file with the same name.

Why am I sharing this? Brett did not give a sermon or a typical Sunday message. Rather, he shared his personal story or testimony. While listening, I felt the story needed sharing and warranted a blog post.

The story is told in both Chinese and English. As such, Brett’s story proved to be entertaining and insightful. I’d invite you to go and listen to the audio and I trust you’ll be blessed by it.

When We Practice To Assume

The other day, I received an email from a friend. He’s really isn’t an actual friend; rather, the man is a YouTube entertainer. For several months, I’ve sent emails and tweets to this guy. I had assumed the friend was okay with it. Suddenly, I get the following:

Please don’t contact me or my family! Though you have good intentions; you have the execution of a bull in a china shop!”  I’m paraphrasing the actual comment. My friend was a lot more gracious than I am being. What did I do wrong?
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On The Road To Financial Freedom – Helpful Places

In Taking A Road To Financial Freedom, I mentioned  Crown Financial Ministries. They were a great help; however, it isn’t the only place. If I have added these other places to my last article then “Taking a Road To Financial Freedom” would have been a lot bigger.

It seems best to place the information in a separate blog post. No one place can meet very needs; hence, I would urge you to prayerfully and carefully consider what is best for you.  I hope you will find some of the following places useful.
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Taking a Road To Financial Freedom

A few years go, I embarked on a fascinating road trip. What kind of road trip? It’s the road to financial freedom. I have a few student loans to pay back and an outstanding phone bill from Verizon.

Though my checks never bounced, I was not managing my finances, very well. I was constantly plagued with anxieties and fears about my finances. I was essentially drowning.

Why am I sharing this? A couple of weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with a friend. The conversation revolved around money and debt.  As I shared my story of overcoming my financial nightmare, a story idea came to mind.

Would you like to know how I overcame my financial nightmare?

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