On The Road To Financial Freedom – Helpful Places

In Taking A Road To Financial Freedom, I mentioned  Crown Financial Ministries. They were a great help; however, it isn’t the only place. If I have added these other places to my last article then “Taking a Road To Financial Freedom” would have been a lot bigger.

It seems best to place the information in a separate blog post. No one place can meet very needs; hence, I would urge you to prayerfully and carefully consider what is best for you.  I hope you will find some of the following places useful.
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Taking a Road To Financial Freedom

A few years go, I embarked on a fascinating road trip. What kind of road trip? It’s the road to financial freedom. I have a few student loans to pay back and an outstanding phone bill from Verizon.

Though my checks never bounced, I was not managing my finances, very well. I was constantly plagued with anxieties and fears about my finances. I was essentially drowning.

Why am I sharing this? A couple of weeks ago, I had an interesting conversation with a friend. The conversation revolved around money and debt.  As I shared my story of overcoming my financial nightmare, a story idea came to mind.

Would you like to know how I overcame my financial nightmare?

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Seeking Godly Counsel

A couple of days ago, I asked my Father, “What shall I write?” The topic of seeking godly counsel came floating into my mind.  As I consider the topic, emotions gradually became stirred up within me. The source became apparent; as I recalled a particular memory.

Years ago, I needed advice about buying a home or continue renting an apartment in Phoenix, AZ. This incident occurred in the year, 2000. I was asking, “Is this a wise idea?” I talked with a real estate agent, who is a sister in Christ. We thought it, a great idea. Was it?
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The Builder

Last Friday, I attended the Real Hope conference held at Shore Vineyard Church. Bob Hartley and Eddie Boasso were the guest speakers. If you’d like, you can visit the media page on my church’s web site and listen.

I love the practice of beginning a conference with intimate worship music. I’ve just had one problem. My vision and hearing makes this very challenging; as I can’t read the text on the big screen. Sometimes, I will drift into self or I’ll drift into the Spirit.

I, soon found myself standing before a beautiful home. I don’t know, if it was a cape cod or some other style. As I gaze upon the house, I could see the place was a work of art. The builder has chosen to use an array of earth tone colors for the house. Continue reading

How Shall We Respond To The Mommy Blogger?

Earlier today, I was researching a recent surge of blog traffic from India. Though I am grateful for new influx of visitors. How many visitors from India? It’s similar to the United States. I am surprised and humbled by your many visits. Keep coming!

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