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Here are a collection of commentaries made on a few different topics. A bit of politics, a bit of disability related items and general stuff.

Let’s Support Christian YouTubers

Let’s face it. YouTube is one of the fastest growing arenas for entertainment. It is also a great place to find help on a variety of topics. Did you know there are hurting people seeking help, with depression or plain stress? Would you believe that Christians can have a powerful impact through something like a video game? Continue reading

The Hunt For The Great Photo

Let the hunt, begin! What hunt am I talking about? It’s certainly not a hunt for deers; though there were plenty of it in Pennsylvania. I refer to the hunt for that great scenic photo. I’ve always had a fondness for scenic landscape pictures. This one reason that I’ve chosen the stock photo of Queenstown Mountain.

Free stock photo are a great way to create header image for a blog. However, I felt a need for a change and a photo of my own. This past weekend, I had the perfect opportunity to get a great scenic mountain photo.  Let the hunt, begin! Continue reading

Spring Cleaning!

This is just a short blog post.

Spring is in the air and it is time for new things to grow and some clean up. Inspiration Point is currently hosted by Recently, I decided a change is needed. I’m moving my blog over to Blue Host.

Why? It’s been my personal vision to create an online magazine that where people can find encouraging and inspirational stories with a Christian perspective. It has been my desire to transfer this blog to a business model.  The articles will remain free! I am not charging a subscription. That type of model doesn’t really work.

I will try to find ways to incorporate other means of generating some money; namely affiliate programs advertisement and etc.

As I just started the domain transfer, my site may be down for a bit. Don’t worry, I am not going away. :)  Have a blessed day.


Lions! Tigers! Bears! Oh my!

Last week, I asked a friend, “What do you know about social media?” As I talked with the older gentleman, I notice a haunted look on his face. Though tech savvy, it was strange to hear the man talk fearfully of the Internet.

As I listened to the friend’s concerns, a scene from the Wizard of Oz came to mind. I could still hear Dorothy, Tin Man and Scarecrow singing “Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh my!” Was there a lion? Yes, it was the Cowardly Lion. Guess who was more afraid of whom? Yes, there is a connection between the two. Continue reading

Obewon Came To Visit?

What’s this? Did Obewon of come and pay me, a visit? Did Obewon show an interest in following Inspiration Point? Is this an April Fool’s joke? Here is what happened. Continue reading

Calling Superman!

One day, I came across a curious conversation on Facebook. My niece was telling of an interesting encounter. What happened? My niece was on a train and there was a man preaching God.  Sounds harmless, right?

There is just one thing. The man is wearing a Superman costume and preaching God. It seems the man thought he was Superman.

Continue reading

Is It Time To Write A Book?

Is it time to write an e-book? This is not a rhetorical question; rather it’s a serious one.

The other day, I was reading a book written by a pastor named Ron Christian. It was a  very nicely put together book. The title is “Practicing the Presence”. I decided to look up the author and came across the website of the group distributing Ron’s e-book. The site is called SmashWord.

After looking at the cost, I am thinking of giving it, a shot. Here’s my rough idea. I would like to create a memoir style anthology. I’m not seeking to write a straight memoir. Rather, I want to compile a series of stories found on this blog. Each story would conceivably make up one chapter.

The question is, “What story would be best for a book appearing on Barnes & Noble or Amazon?” This is going to be a straight e-book.

The theme is more than just “overcoming”.  There’s also my personal view that my disabilities were never a prison. At least, I never thought so and neither did friends and family.

It seems I’ve come full circle. Years ago, some people have said that I should write a book. The time was not right. I simply was not ready. Today, I am asking “Is it time to write that e-book?”

So what stories should I put in “A Story of Grace”? As chapters will need to be longer than what appears on a blog; how can I expand on those stories? Each story would ideally take up a chapter.  Any ideas?