Pink Sweater And Pink Slippers

Did anyone ever claim you were somewhere and it’s simply not so? How about this strange scenario? A mother claiming her son was wearing a pink sweater and a pair of pink slippers. Where did this happen? Somehow, I was living in a nursing home and I never knew it.

What’s going on? What am I talking about? Continue reading


A Summer of Hell

After graduating high school, I took a part time summer job in ’83.  It soon turned into a job from hell. I had gotten this job through CETA.  I was to work at the Town Hall in Toms River.  Here is what happened and God healed me.

Aside from the supervisor, Joe had two regular employees. I have no ideas of how long Eric and Paul worked for Joe.  Mike, Tim, Fay and I came to work there, for the summer.  They had previously worked with Joe. I was the newcomer.

We were working as custodians. My job entailed mowing the lawn around the Town Hall, washing cars of city officials, general clean up and other types of work.  This would have been fine; except for what happened inside the maintenance building. Continue reading

Escaping the Religious Bubble – Oh what’s a fellowship

“Has anyone been in a perfect church?” asked a friend, in a small Bible study group.  I simply chuckled; however, someone did raise his hand.  “I did,” Bob said facetiously. I knew where he was coming from because I have been to one too.

The people, of the Bishop’s church, were friendly.  Though, I could get into small talks, the conversations rarely ever went deep.  I don’t recall the sharing of personal struggles and the offering of prayers.  I was left with the impression of “Everyone else seems to have it, together.  What is wrong with me?”  Truth is, it was a façade. Continue reading

Escaping the Religious Bublle – The Dress Culture

I was brought up as a nominal Catholic and did read the Scripture. Despite this, I had only knowledge of God.  It was not until 1990 when I came to know Jesus, as my Lord and Savior.  About 5 years later, I came to Bishop Loring’s church as a new Christian.

I could see by the suits and dresses there did not appear to be a poor man amongst them.  As a Catholic, I was taught to dress well because it is God’s House.  However, I was living on fixed income and had only one suit.  Being in a dessert and not able to drive, it is not always a good idea to wear a full suit. Continue reading

Escaping the Bubble

When working at Arizona Industries f/t Blind, in 1995, I had a conversation with a woman named Dorothy.  This woman is in her 50s and is rather direct and to the point.  “Barry, you really need to stop talking about computers,” says Dorothy.  “Why?” I asked. “You’re agitating people here,” she explained.  It seems I was threatening “the Bubble”.

What is this mysterious bubble?  Is it a spatial anomaly encompassing the place?  Is it just a local phenomenon?  Better yet, how does one escape this bubble?  First, it’s neither a spatial anomaly nor mysterious local phenomenon.  The bubble is a place of safety one flees to when hurting.  We think ourselves “safe” inside this bubble; however it is not so. Continue reading