The Coming New Year New Year is fast approaching and I will make one definite prediction. Someone is going to make a resolution and they hope to keep it. How can I know? It happens every year and it will likely continue.  What resolution are you considering?

If you’re reading this and it’s not January 1st; it’s not too late.  A good time to start a smart diet is often today. The same thing can be applied to reading certain books. Reading the Bible in a year is a popular resolution.  Of course, it is not the only one. What’s your resolution for the coming year?
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How To Stay Positive in a Sea of Negativity?

Good question. How does one stay positive in a sea of negativity? After all, there are plenty of things to be angry, scared and fearful about. I would love to cite the latest news story; however, it’s more likely to distract than help.

Yet, a clue is already given in the last statement. I will explain it, shortly. First, I would like to share a story that may help with staying positive in a sea of negativity. You’ll see where I’m going, shortly. Let’s start with the facing of a giant.

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The Little Drummer Boy

A couple of weeks ago, an old song floated to the surface. It came at the start of the madness that is called Christmas shopping. I could not have missed it; as my inbox would get advertisement of upcoming Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday and other sales gimmicks.

You would think that Christmas was all about shopping to impress; as opposed to enjoying one’s family and celebrating the birth of Jesus. You’d think TIS the season to be jolly; however, it is not the case for many people.

At this time of year, there are literally many people suffering from depression or singing the blues. Why are people hurting, so much? It is so easy to get caught up in the stress of shopping that one can easily lose sight of what really matters.

If you’re hurting financially, or you come from a broken home, then the stress is all the more acute. For me, I really don’t pay attention to the barrage of advertisement; unless I am interested in something. However, many families do not have that option.

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Are You Afraid of Negativity?

How do you react when someone says something, negative about what you are doing? Each person has a gift in certain areas of their lives. For me, I have a gift for writing; however, my singing is a different story.  What about you?

Does it bother me, if someone says something about my singing skill? No, it does not bother me; as I already know the truth. It’s why I sing for fun and not try singing on American Idol. Though I’d appreciate Simon’s commentary; it is not necessary.

Did you know there is a difference between a negative comment that helps a person; as opposed to a negative comment that only destroys. An open rebuke is not the same thing as a destructive comment.

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How Shall We Share The Good News of Jesus?

Some time ago, a friend suggested I write about witnessing for Christ. For many Christians, evangelism is a very important topic and I have written a couple of articles on it. You can find it in the new menu system, under Insights.

For me, the topic of evangelism is a challenging topic. How so? Though I share Christ through my writings; my main focus is often on the Father’s love and other topics. For me, it is easier to talk about “How Not To Share.”  

Today, I would like to offer some tips or ideas on sharing the good news of Jesus. Here is one idea. Have you ever thought to speak to the pain of suffering in the person’s life? Have you ever thought that Jesus desires to be a friend to the person and not just a Savior? Continue reading “How Shall We Share The Good News of Jesus?”